Who We are? We are a young and dynamic corporation made of people with talents, proficiencies, expectations – with the will to do and the will to attain. We mainly curate exhibition spaces for our customers that need to tell about their company and its products, that want to appraise the product and who made it, that know how to thrill the people passing by and that need to depict the nature of a brand and the one who is behind it too.
From the exhibition world We learned to be fast and flexible. It’s hard to hear us saying “It can’t be done” and We started to use all our skills in the furniture world too (in shops, companies, bars…).
Our company is guested in a main structure of 4000 square meters, divided within production, warehouse and offices. We are in a strategic position, 5 min. far from both the Grumello del Monte A4 highway’s toll booth and the Seriate’s one, only thirty minutes far from the Milan Rho Exhibition.
Our production is modern and equipped for the wood manufacturing and painting. Wood makes the foundation of our daily job in any kind of its shapes. Regarding the other materials we have been collaborating for a long time with skilled artisans who grant us the maximum seriousness and rapidity.
Finally, our technical office represents the heart of our corporation, because it’s there that lies the Know How that makes the difference in a job like ours, in which many make large promises but where the complexity and the few time skim only the few ones who really know how to do and that can count on an efficient organization.

What do We do:

We mainly set up exhibition and commercial spaces, temporary or definitive ones, but always with the same know how to give life to working spaces or for relation ones like bar, clubs, restaurants.
We produce furniture, showcases, visual (and so on) and our operational fields are:

We work with top level Brands to whom we guarantee:

  • High preciousness levels and detail attention
  • Creation and Financial Reliability
  • Maximum Customization Flexibility

The Team
We are an harmonious Team, made by experienced men and young talents. We like to offer our skills and passion for the design to our customers. Since We are a small company, We are a small community too and that’s why our relationships are more direct and frank, where problems are solved in real time. This slenderness and our care in job organization allow us to handle high complexity orders within a few time of reaction.

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